Which moment in the near future are you looking forward to the most?

My first exam 2 votes
The 'MAVO borrel' 29 votes
The beginning of Q2 9 votes
The moment I hear whether I have 2 or 3 resits in Q2 11 votes
That's private *blink* 6 votes

Which training would you like to see coming spring?

How food affects your body and brain 0 votes
Dealing with stress and burnout 0 votes
How to work together with non-neurotypical people and vice versa 0 votes
How to explain what you study to your parents 0 votes
Escapism in the modern world 0 votes
How to deal with loss 0 votes

What do you think of the GEWIS radio?

Super shinymagic epic 18 votes
Meh.. 1 vote
Has Bouke Bosma, secretary of GEWIS, called in yet? 16 votes
Boo radio boo 1 vote
040 247 8113 2 votes
I don't have a move 5 votes
Less shitty than the board 13 votes

What do you look forward to the most during the introduction week?

Entertaining the intro kids 2 votes
Listening to yourself on the GEWIS radio 5 votes
Hutsing on no-sleep-Thursday 5 votes
The GEWIS fuifje on the Tuesday 7 votes
Enrolling for a FYC 6 votes
Annoying the hungover board 15 votes
BBB (Hungover Beer Burgers) 8 votes

Which board member is during the inauguration drink first home?

Kees "We will look into it" V. 2 votes
Bouke "I hate horses" B. 1 vote
Anne "Wine is fine" N. 8 votes
Romy "from the camp" S. 2 votes
Bas "Do yet another study" G. 0 votes
Susan "Terrrrring" v. E. 7 votes
Ruben "Quick naptime" B. 3 votes

Which board member is during the inauguration drink first home?

Kees “The third place means a party” V. 3 votes
Bouke “I hate horses” B. 3 votes
Anne “Wine is fine” N. 8 votes
Romy “from the camp” S. 3 votes
Susan “Terrring” v. E. 3 votes
Bas “Do yet another study” G. 1 vote
Ruben “Quick naptime” B. 2 votes
Ralpg “We all go exponential” v. I. 27 votes

The board is thinking of switching to home delivery with the books from StudyStore. What do you prefer?

Delivery at GEWIS 31 votes
Home delivery 44 votes

Are you in for an epic dropping/quest on a friday night?

Hell yes! 21 votes
Maybe... 17 votes
Nah 33 votes

What are your good intentions for 2019?

Drink less 2 votes
Drink more 20 votes
Become capable(as a freshman) 11 votes
Pass subjects 20 votes
Become a member of GEHACK 6 votes
Become a board member 8 votes
Scream less at freshmen 2 votes
Finally pay off my SuSOS-debt 4 votes

Who is going to be the new princess carnaval?

Jet Kooijman 4 votes
Nadym van Schaik 1 vote
Roxanne van Maurik 0 votes
Dionne Heuvelman 3 votes
Celine Verhoef 2 votes
Nicky van den Berg 1 vote
Evie Nielen 3 votes
Janne de Rooij 13 votes
Leroy Visser 15 votes
Melissa van Veenendaal 3 votes
Marloes van Lierop 5 votes
Lydia's baby 6 votes
Huh, princeSS?!? 7 votes
I don't care, as long as it's a woman! 11 votes
Yuk equality, I need more men in my life! 21 votes
I don't care, as long as it's not Merel and Laura... 17 votes

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