How do you switch application windows or tabs?

Keyboard 47 votes
Mouse 24 votes
Cortana 4 votes

What is the best water temperature to drink?

Hot (no tea) 4 votes
Ice cold 33 votes
Room temperature 17 votes
Water sucks 3 votes

Would you rather?

Eat some hair 0 votes
Drink a shot of sweat 0 votes

What is Vegetable soup with chicken?

Vegetable soup 8 votes
Chicken soup 37 votes
Tomato soup 2 votes

How many people did you kiss at the ATHENA party?

Zero, I'm waiting till mariage 17 votes
One 4 votes
Two 4 votes
Three 1 vote
More (?!) 6 votes
Ew 15 votes

How do you hang your hoodie?

Two shoulders 8 votes
One shoulder 47 votes
Around your waist 19 votes

Did you know that the chair of GEWIS of 2022-2023 never played beerpong in GEWIS?

Yes I knew 2 votes
I am not surprised 28 votes
But she is winning tho 26 votes

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