Are you going also going to miss the 41st board a lot?

Yes, of course! 14 votes
A little bit 3 votes
Meh 2 votes
Shit board! 8 votes
Who? 12 votes

Who will go home first at the constitution drink?

Lora "Shhiemietsjh" S. 6 votes
Sven "Sinterklaas" M. 7 votes
Ruben "Amogus" W. 10 votes
Lucas "Ketels" M. 4 votes
Jort "Slootwater" v. D. 17 votes
Maiko "GEWIS > Intermate" C. 14 votes

Do you like the idea of having a contract with Spijker

YES!! 1.80 FOR BEER IS WINNING 39 votes
NOO!! 19 votes

Is your favorite PC getting upgraded on June 12th?

Does GEWIS have computers? 12 votes
Hell yes! I always use PC1, 2, 3, 4, 9 or 10 13 votes
Unfortunately not, I always use PC5, 6, 7 or 8 4 votes
Is there maintenance going on on June 12 starting during the lunch break? 4 votes
I always use 3 votes

How much bread did you order at La Cubanita?

One 7 votes
Two 0 votes
Three 2 votes
I don't know, I think there is still some coming 59 votes

Which member of the upcoming board is the fastest at chugging a beer?

None of them, 'kandies' are incapable of anything. 17 votes
Lora 1 vote
Sven 9 votes
Ruben 1 vote
Lucas 1 vote
Jort 2 votes
Maiko 2 votes
Don't know. Demo please! 42 votes
All of them, at least they are faster than the counterboard. 5 votes

What's better for your eyes?

Tabasco 2 votes
Jenever 5 votes
Both 9 votes
Aquarius 5 votes
Lustrumtripel 4 votes
Dude, aim better 19 votes

What has your preference as piece of clothing?

Hoodie 44 votes
Crewneck 17 votes

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