How would you rate the quality of Woensel Wereldkeukens?

5 stars (Amazing Quality) 4 votes
4 stars (Exceptional Quality) 6 votes
3 stars (Average Quality) 2 votes
2 stars (Bad Quality) 3 votes
1 stars (Straight trash) 7 votes

When putting on your shoes?

sock sock shoe shoe 54 votes
sok schoen sok schoen 5 votes
commando 1 vote

How would you rather go through life?

Hopping on 1 leg 21 votes
With only 1 arm 21 votes

Is a “kapsalon” gluten free?

Yes 20 votes
No 11 votes

What color should the outdoor bar (which was paid for by GEWIS and sponsored by Grolsch) be?

GEWIS red 31 votes
BAC green 17 votes
Grolsch green 4 votes
Rainbow 28 votes

Whenever you brush your teeth, what do you do?

Water, then paste 19 votes
Paste, then water 29 votes
Water, then paste, then water 17 votes
I don't brush my teeth 0 votes

Should GEWIS get a moral police at borrels with a photo booth?

Yes, no gefoos in the soos! 2 votes
Yes, because I'm never successful 4 votes
No, because I'm in those photos 3 votes
BAC get the bucket of water 30 votes

How did you survive carnaval?

Wake up every day with a beer in my hand 10 votes
Not going, because Spijker didn't let me in 5 votes
Prosit Senior, prosit corona 13 votes
As a gladiator in the board room 1 vote
Under pc 10 2 votes

When should an EV charging station make beeping noise?

When nobody is there and it is feeling lonely 14 votes
When it is about to be hit by a car 4 votes
After it has been hit by a car 0 votes
Never, a light pole also doesn't seek that much attention 7 votes

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