What is the best intogroup?

Wietsy Wutsy Wizards 3 votes
Rapanzel's Ryders 0 votes
UP! 0 votes
Infinite Turtles 🐢 1 vote
Dark knights of the round pac-man 7 votes
Pretty Princesses 0 votes
Once Upon a Henkel 1 vote
De Bonenstaak 4 votes
Serums Squad 0 votes
The Dommel Swans 1 vote
Grand Recorders In Maths Memes (Grimm) 2 votes
Pretty Little Princesses :) 1 vote
Gouda Guardians 0 votes
Tinkerbells 4 votes
Once Upon A Team 3 votes
Rupsje Nooitgenoeg 2 votes
Flamingo Airbenders 3 votes
The Sleeping Beauties 2 votes
Britte and the Beast 2 votes
Magic Butterflies 3 votes
Barbie besties 2 votes
Murphy's Lawyers 3 votes
ByteBreaks 0 votes
Clan 0 votes
Creative Unicorns 3 votes
The Flying Fermat(h)s 3 votes

Is it ethically responsible to empty a 30k litre swimmingpool onto a uni field?

Yes ofcourse 5 votes
Yes if B.O.O.M. is involved 14 votes
Ask Bart-Jan 8 votes

Which side should toilet paper roll?

Towards the wall (under) 0 votes
Towards the toilet (over) 40 votes
I always put the roll on the basin (sink) 4 votes

Are you going also going to miss the 41st board a lot?

Yes, of course! 14 votes
A little bit 3 votes
Meh 2 votes
Shit board! 8 votes
Who? 12 votes

Who will go home first at the constitution drink?

Lora "Shhiemietsjh" S. 6 votes
Sven "Sinterklaas" M. 7 votes
Ruben "Amogus" W. 10 votes
Lucas "Ketels" M. 4 votes
Jort "Slootwater" v. D. 17 votes
Maiko "GEWIS > Intermate" C. 14 votes

Do you like the idea of having a contract with Spijker

YES!! 1.80 FOR BEER IS WINNING 39 votes
NOO!! 19 votes

Is your favorite PC getting upgraded on June 12th?

Does GEWIS have computers? 12 votes
Hell yes! I always use PC1, 2, 3, 4, 9 or 10 13 votes
Unfortunately not, I always use PC5, 6, 7 or 8 4 votes
Is there maintenance going on on June 12 starting during the lunch break? 4 votes
I always use vdesktop.gewis.nl 3 votes

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