Are you a whimp?

Yes, I study mathematics. 6 votes
No, I study Computer Science 13 votes
Dude, everyone at GEWIS is a whimp. 24 votes
I'm a nerd, I study both. 7 votes

What is the best temperature for studying?

<16 degrees centigrade 7 votes
17-19 degrees centigrade / Auditorium 10 votes
20-22 degrees centigrade / Metaforum 28 votes
23-25 degrees centigrade / Neuron 4 votes
> 25 degrees centigrade 1 vote

Why is your train delayed?

Logistics difficulties / we forgot to drive the train to the station 0 votes
No staff / the train manager didn't know the _bakkennorm_ didn't apply at the party last night 7 votes
Delayed staff / there was a long queue at the coffee shop 0 votes
Stop signal / somebody beat us to the lights and now they may leave first 1 vote
Traffic jam / you are stuck behind the train that was allowed to leave first 4 votes
Overhead lines stolen / fortunately, Claire's Cheap Copper Chain has just received a new batch 1 vote
Bad weather / completely unexpectedly 2023 also had autumn and winter 5 votes
Winter schedule / if it isn't going, it cannot be late 4 votes
Trains drive on tracks / not on time 13 votes

What will you be doing during winter recess?

Obtaining all stars in Advent of Code 6 votes
Solving the AIVD Christmas puzzle (general intelligence and security service) 1 vote
Visting my parents for the first time in 2023 1 vote
Starting yet another project because I haven't started enough things this year 14 votes
Finally deciding which courses I am going to take in Q2 10 votes
Dr Denker Christmas puzzle 2 votes
All of the above 7 votes

How do you write a capital letter T?

First the vertical line, then the horizontal line 56 votes
First the horizontal line, then the vertical line 18 votes
I avoid the T at all cost 5 votes

How do you switch application windows or tabs?

Keyboard 47 votes
Mouse 24 votes
Cortana 4 votes

What is the best water temperature to drink?

Hot (no tea) 4 votes
Ice cold 33 votes
Room temperature 17 votes
Water sucks 3 votes

Would you rather?

Eat some hair 0 votes
Drink a shot of sweat 0 votes

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