Which board member will die first during the constitution drink?

Irne "Bak" V. 16 votes
Max "Mopperman" O. 1 vote
Roy "Kakt Een Berg, Kost Een Beetje" K. 2 votes
Wouter "Bel De Wouten" van der H. 2 votes
Koen "Knoek" de N. 11 votes
Jealy "5 euro" van den A. 6 votes

What kind of alcohol would you like to drink during an Eastern European borrel? (Other suggestions are welcome in the comments)

Hard (Mixed stuff) 12 votes
Hard Hard (Vodka) 6 votes
Hardest (Rakija) 4 votes
Full on knocked out next morning 15 votes
Not interested 2 votes

Realy or Dealy?

Realy 10 votes
Dealy 9 votes

Did you sign up as intro parent already?

Yes 18 votes
No 23 votes
No, but I will soon 4 votes

What do you think of all those bees?

They were extinct, right? Otherwise after the next GM.. 8 votes
As long as they put the flowers outside 15 votes
Stupid candies 12 votes
I am a beekeeper 14 votes

Pancake or poffertjes?

Pancake 38 votes
Poffertjes 20 votes

How do you make your cereal?

Pour the milk first 3 votes
Put the cereal first 8 votes
Cereal? Bah 9 votes

What type of AH lager is the best?

Cold 2 votes
Room temperature 8 votes
From the radiator 10 votes
Boiling hot 26 votes

Do you want a second part of the TU/e murder mystery?

Yesss 3 votes
Yes but even cooler 20 votes
No :( 3 votes

Do you want a more sustainable search engine on your committee account?

Yes! Ecosia plants trees <3 23 votes
No, Google, capitalism! 16 votes
Something different.... Comment below! 8 votes

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