Do you read the newsletter?

Yes, I read everything 23 votes
Yes, but only the titles 21 votes
Yes, but only the introduction 4 votes
Yes, but only the subject of the mail 3 votes
No 7 votes

Should Joris Paree become a member of AViCo?

Yes 6 votes
Yes definitely! 22 votes

Who will be the first from the stairs on the Pim Boot?

Pim Boot himself 4 votes
Yanelle 'deckslut' S. 5 votes
Stefan 'shovel second years' H. 2 votes
Seed 10 votes
Leon or someone else from the board 8 votes
Sven 'Fuet 1' M. 6 votes

Who of the 40th board is first done during the inauguration drink?

Sanne 'chair' de W. 4 votes
Noa 'I have no hangovers' B. 4 votes
Gijs 'welcome shot' de M. 6 votes
Leon 'I only do one drink' V. 14 votes
Eline 'I have it cold' B. 25 votes
Anne 'look at my plant' van den E. 8 votes
Rink 'Trienco' P. 14 votes

Is water wet?

Yes 26 votes
No 25 votes

What will be your subtropical holiday destination?

The GGD vaccination location in Helmond 8 votes
The GEWIS room, if it ever opens 7 votes
A trashy Centerparcs cabin 3 votes
Urk 2 votes
Spain, if Mark Rutte allows it 8 votes

How did your exams go?

Can I already have a beer at GEWIS? 22 votes
One more resit until the BSR... 5 votes
Exams? Do peopleStudent Ten! even study? 11 votes
Student Ten 6 votes

How hyped would you be for a GEWIS music committee?

I would instantly join! 9 votes
I don't play music but still a great idea! 10 votes
Cool I guess, doesn't really matter to me 14 votes
No thanks 16 votes

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