How long after new years eve are you allowed to congratulate each other.

Only on the night itself 4 votes
1 week 21 votes
2 weeks 9 votes
1 month 5 votes
As long as you want! 15 votes

How do you call GEWIS members? All options are from a committee name

GEWISers 9 votes
GEWIS'ers 36 votes
GEWISsers 4 votes
GEWIS'sers 1 vote

How many holes do pants have?

1 2 votes
1.5 0 votes
2 19 votes
3 35 votes
4 7 votes
Pants do not have holes 10 votes

Which Kinder Bueno is better?

Brown 57 votes
White 35 votes

Should the new coffee machine also have chocomel?

Delicious! 56 votes
Good idea! 14 votes
No 16 votes

Do you think you're in the right major?

Yes:) 25 votes
No:( 17 votes

Would you rather have IVF or I.V.V.?

IVF 31 votes
I.V.V. 16 votes

Which saus do you prefer with your kibbeling?

Ravigotte sauce 24 votes
Remoulade sauce 6 votes
Garlic sauce 21 votes

Are you left- or righthanded?

Left 4 votes
Right 23 votes
Ambidextrous 0 votes

Who of the 41st board is first done during the inauguration drink?

Wietske 'I make it' de B. 46 votes
Daan 'Milka' V. 8 votes
Samuel 'SudoSOS is done first' O. 4 votes
Lucy 'Horse lamb' de G. 6 votes
Bartjan 'Bart-Jan, do that at home' H. 35 votes
Jasper 'Very fat bootie tax' G. 2 votes
Celine 'Can I be BHV' de J. 8 votes

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