Who's going to be the winner of the constitution drink?

Laura "Daadkracht maakt macht" K 1 vote
Nicky "Eens een hert, altijd alert" v/d B 2 votes
Bram "De mam die alles kam" W 3 votes
Guido "1 s is geen s" J 2 votes
Luuk "Waar is de krokettenlunch" M 5 votes
Ralph "Koelkastlover" van I 3 votes
Merel "Agile Scrum" P 2 votes

I find the new clothingline:

Super Awesome! 4 votes
'Vo 3 votes
Do they have a snapBAC? 8 votes
I am going to nit patches on everthing! 0 votes
on www.gewis.nl/clothingline 15 votes
I never sweat, can I buy a sweater anyway? 1 vote
More fun than learning for ODE. 1 vote
Connected 4 votes

What's with the birds?

I don't get it 11 votes
RIP, Bier and Tieten 12 votes
No idea, but they can stay 6 votes

What to do when a board member or a freshman walks by with easter eggs?

Royeren 5 votes
Use it as a golf ball 10 votes
Shout kutbestuur!! 9 votes
Awh my head 0 votes
I am a loser and was not present at the fyc party 5 votes

Do we want more, or less polls?

Yes, but someone else should make one 7 votes
Yes, alright I'll make one 4 votes
No, I hate polls so much that I'm answering one 2 votes
No, this poll demonstrates that polls are useless 2 votes
I'll just pick any one, just like I do during elections. 12 votes

How do you like the new homepage?

It's the greatest homepage ever 2 votes
It's beatiful 6 votes
Definitely better than before 36 votes
It's so nice, I think the Web Committee should get new mugs from the board 45 votes
Other (comments) 7 votes

What will you be doing during the christmas break?

nothing. 0 votes
Visit family 0 votes
nothing wearing a onesie 0 votes
study 0 votes
do nothing as much as possible but still do a lot 0 votes
eating untill I drop dead 0 votes
mostly wear very ugly christmas sweaters 0 votes

Which game should be strictly prohibited at GEWIS?

The Game 7 votes
Spades 13 votes
Pirate Bridge 2 votes
Binary beer drinking 3 votes

Who will be the GEWIS prince(ss) carnival '17-'18?

Zjos 1 vote
Kutjeroen 2 votes
Rick II 2 votes
Dante 0 votes
Niekie 1 vote
Jeffrey 1 vote
Mattijs 0 votes
Georg 0 votes
Yoram 0 votes
Stefan 0 votes
Willem 1 vote
Bart 1 vote
Ian SOWIESO 23 votes
Femke 1 vote
Chantal 0 votes
Floris 0 votes
Teun 3 votes
Pim 0 votes
Evie 1 vote
Dionne 0 votes
Dennis 0 votes
Jet 0 votes
Nienke 0 votes
Nicky II 2 votes
Wout 0 votes
Susan 3 votes
Job 0 votes
Anja 1 vote
Stepah 5 votes
Kees 1 vote
Someone else, namely... (send reply) 2 votes

When should the Christmas tree be in the room?

Now, Noww, NOW!! 13 votes
December 1 0 votes
When Sinterklaas has left the country. 1 vote
NEVER! I hate Christmas! 4 votes
When the board leaves the room unattended. 15 votes
2 Weeks ago 8 votes
When wintertime starts 4 votes

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