The best 2023 password:

Password2 6 votes
v=dQw4w9WgXcQ 13 votes
Welcome2023! 5 votes
google2010 2 votes
I always choose the least used one from 7 votes

How do you prefer your ice cream?

as a cone 41 votes
in an ice cream cup 24 votes
as an ice cream waffle 3 votes
straight from my hand 5 votes

Which church is best?

Protestant Church 0 votes
Catholic Church 9 votes
Churchrade 5 votes
Ridderchurch 5 votes
Church of the flying spaghetti monster 19 votes
Belgian-Anglosaxon Church 8 votes

What did you vote for during the Provincial Council elections of 2023?

BBB 8 votes
Wait, why is everybody voting BBB? 32 votes

Do you prefer a v-neck or o-neck for your GEWIS shirt?

'ā€Ž 6 votes
vā€Ž 11 votes
oā€Ž 24 votes
Wow can you buy a GEWIS shirt for only ā‚¬6.00? 18 votes

What do you say when you both say the exact same thing so that the other person can't speak again until their name is said?

Piepzak 3 votes
Jinx 24 votes
Citroen 40 votes
Pistache 1 vote
Piepzak-Citroen 3 votes
Other, I will comment! 3 votes

How long after new years eve are you allowed to congratulate each other.

Only on the night itself 4 votes
1 week 21 votes
2 weeks 9 votes
1 month 5 votes
As long as you want! 15 votes

How do you call GEWIS members? All options are from a committee name

GEWISers 9 votes
GEWIS'ers 36 votes
GEWISsers 4 votes
GEWIS'sers 1 vote

How many holes do pants have?

1 2 votes
1.5 0 votes
2 19 votes
3 35 votes
4 7 votes
Pants do not have holes 10 votes

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