How will you be dressed during your christmas dinner?

Snuggie 1 vote
A Christmas Sweater 1 vote
Dress 0 votes
Suit 1 vote
Normal Clothes 1 vote
Onesie 2 votes
Pajamas 1 vote

What is a daarnaar?

Religious hat 2 votes
A cute small animal 0 votes
Fruit 0 votes
Beard 2 votes
Instrument 0 votes
Big dangerous monster 1 vote
Six 2 votes
Nothing interesting 5 votes
Other namely 0 votes

Who will be the GEWIS-prince carnival?

Prins Floris I 1 vote
Prins Semi I 4 votes
Prins Luuk I 1 vote
Prins Rob van Wijk IV 5 votes
Prins Marijn II 0 votes
Prinses Niekie I 4 votes
Prins Timmetje I 0 votes
Prins Stepah I 2 votes
Prins Sako I 1 vote
Iemand anders, namelijk... 3 votes

Did you already enroll for the Skill Sessions of the Wervingsdagen?

Yes 4 votes
Ai chips, I still had to do that! 4 votes
No, what is it? 0 votes
Hatje! 4 votes

Autobots or decepticons?

Autobots 8 votes
Decepticons 4 votes

Do you know Black Magic?

Yes 2 votes
No. 0 votes
Heard of it sometime before 0 votes
You can't say black, it's rascist! 4 votes
Nom, cookies 6 votes
Pink elephant? 2 votes

What was the best KORN?

Apfel 2 votes
Winter 0 votes
Eerdberen und Rabarber 3 votes
Waldmeister 1 vote
Plum 1 vote
Saure Apfel 2 votes
Waldfruchten 4 votes

More or less 34 in the babbel?

Less! 0 votes
Less! Less! Less! 6 votes
What do I know? 4 votes

Vincent Huisman in the babbel Whatsapp group?

Yes 4 votes
No - why is there a requirement that this option has a 3 character minimum? 11 votes
How do I unsubscribe? 2 votes
I don't care 2 votes

Who will survive the consti?

Leroy Visser 3 votes
Merel Elings 1 vote
Arno Coppelmans 1 vote
Celine Senden 1 vote
Levi Prikken 2 votes
Eva Lassche 5 votes
Patricia Vossen 1 vote

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