Which game is most fun?

Proctorio 11 votes
Factorio 5 votes
Minecraft 15 votes
Team Fortress 2 5 votes
Garry's Mod 1 vote

Which corona measurement do you like most?

A maximum of 30 people in the GEWIS room, because we can host 16 people anyways 14 votes
No alcohol after 20:00. How do I get drunk? 14 votes
Only sporting at 1.5 meter distance. How am I going to lose my board kilos? 3 votes
Urgent advice for face masks. When will there be new GEWIS face masks? 16 votes
No outside events. Do I really need to go to the lunch lectures? 8 votes

What did you miss the most from GEWIS during Covid-19?

Free coffee and tea. When will this be fixed? 13 votes
Our lovely board! Especially the ones sleeping in the lounge.. 11 votes
Borrels and beer! 40 votes
Sjaarzen! Oh no, I hate sjaarzen! 7 votes
Free notebooks! 7 votes

What are your plans now that there is no constitution drink?

Drinking my tears away at the Mavo borrel of the BAC 10 votes
Turn the heater in my room to 35 degrees 9 votes
"Stoeien" with my brother 1 vote
Protect the coat rack and the door 9 votes
Write a nice message to the new board 7 votes
Scream throughout the house 12 votes

Friet or patat? (This is a really controversial point in the Netherlands)

Friet 64 votes
Patat 10 votes

Who is more incapable: A sjaars or a kiddo?

Sjaars 38 votes
Kiddo 23 votes

The time at the screens in the GEWIS-room are now noted with xx:yy. Do you also think the flashing : every second is annoying?

Yes 34 votes
No 41 votes

How do you spend you time during this time without any lectures?

I play with my instrument 2 votes
I play with my "instrument" 20 votes
I play games the whole day 6 votes
Netfilx and Chill of course 6 votes
Netflix without Chill 9 votes
I am counting my toilet rolls 18 votes
I'm looking very sad through a window 10 votes
Something different, namely... (Comment section) 9 votes

What is your favorite functionality of the website?

The possibility to stalk members I don't know 61 votes
The overview of vacancies and internships I absolutely am not qualified for 1 vote
The summaries and exams of courses I won't pass anyway 3 votes
All activities I want to attend, can't attend, but do anyway 7 votes
The minutes of all meetings I carefully read 1 vote
Looking at the committee pages, which don't help me choose between all those amazing committees 1 vote

Which training would you like to see coming spring?

How food affects your body and brain 15 votes
Dealing with stress and burnout 6 votes
How to work together with non-neurotypical people and vice versa 2 votes
How to explain what you study to your parents 15 votes
Escapism in the modern world 3 votes
How to deal with loss 7 votes

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