What is your favourite summer beer?

Grolsch Zomerzon 0 votes
Leffe Zomerbier 0 votes
Jopen Life's a Beach 0 votes
Gulpener Korenwolf 0 votes
Grolsch (the green one) 2 votes

Do you feel like summer, man?

I feel like summer, man! 13 votes
Is it already summer, man? 15 votes
(vitamin D D D D D D D D) 9 votes

Who is going home first at the consti?

Tessa "Jenever for me please" V. 18 votes
Jens "Who is this sjaars" K. 24 votes
Robin "Little one at Hubble?" v. D. 7 votes
Jelte "haha Penisjoke" d. K. 9 votes

What do you do when you clog the toilet at your friend's house?

Keep flushing 12 votes
Fix it yourself 9 votes
Tell your friend 8 votes
Leave it and pretend nothing happened 13 votes

Are you an above-average driver?

Yes 33 votes
No 23 votes

If you could be an animal for a day, on which day of the week would it be?

Monday 4 votes
Thursday 4 votes
Yesterday 6 votes
The day after tomorrow 9 votes
Other day 5 votes

How do you pronounce “CLI”?

Klie 6 votes
CEE EL I 20 votes


Yes 23 votes
Nee 9 votes

How do you get rid of the hiccups?

I sing “ “hikstikstouw ik geef de hik aan jou, ik geef de hik aan anderman die de hik verdragen kan” 5 votes
I hold my breath for a while 14 votes
I drink upside down 5 votes
Someone asks me what I ate yesterday 1 vote
Ignore it 19 votes

Which one of the below is a cyber attack?

Eavesphishing attack 0 votes
Monkey-in-the-middle attack 4 votes
Ransomware infection 6 votes
Data breach 4 votes
Commercialware 0 votes
0-day 0 votes
Distributed Declining of Service 6 votes

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