How do you hang your hoodie?

Two shoulders 1 vote
One shoulder 16 votes
Around your waist 2 votes

Did you know that the chair of GEWIS of 2022-2023 never played beerpong in GEWIS?

Yes I knew 2 votes
I am not surprised 28 votes
But she is winning tho 26 votes

What is the best intogroup?

Wietsy Wutsy Wizards 3 votes
Rapanzel's Ryders 0 votes
UP! 0 votes
Infinite Turtles 🐢 1 vote
Dark knights of the round pac-man 7 votes
Pretty Princesses 0 votes
Once Upon a Henkel 1 vote
De Bonenstaak 4 votes
Serums Squad 0 votes
The Dommel Swans 1 vote
Grand Recorders In Maths Memes (Grimm) 2 votes
Pretty Little Princesses :) 1 vote
Gouda Guardians 0 votes
Tinkerbells 4 votes
Once Upon A Team 3 votes
Rupsje Nooitgenoeg 2 votes
Flamingo Airbenders 3 votes
The Sleeping Beauties 2 votes
Britte and the Beast 2 votes
Magic Butterflies 3 votes
Barbie besties 2 votes
Murphy's Lawyers 3 votes
ByteBreaks 0 votes
Clan 0 votes
Creative Unicorns 3 votes
The Flying Fermat(h)s 3 votes

Is it ethically responsible to empty a 30k litre swimmingpool onto a uni field?

Yes ofcourse 5 votes
Yes if B.O.O.M. is involved 14 votes
Ask Bart-Jan 8 votes

Which side should toilet paper roll?

Towards the wall (under) 0 votes
Towards the toilet (over) 40 votes
I always put the roll on the basin (sink) 4 votes

Are you going also going to miss the 41st board a lot?

Yes, of course! 14 votes
A little bit 3 votes
Meh 2 votes
Shit board! 8 votes
Who? 12 votes

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