How do you get rid of the hiccups?

I sing “ “hikstikstouw ik geef de hik aan jou, ik geef de hik aan anderman die de hik verdragen kan” 5 votes
I hold my breath for a while 12 votes
I drink upside down 4 votes
Someone asks me what I ate yesterday 1 vote
Ignore it 16 votes

Which one of the below is a cyber attack?

Eavesphishing attack 0 votes
Monkey-in-the-middle attack 4 votes
Ransomware infection 6 votes
Data breach 4 votes
Commercialware 0 votes
0-day 0 votes
Distributed Declining of Service 6 votes

What is the best brand of (instant) noodles?

Indomie 7 votes
Mama 0 votes
Shin Ramyun 3 votes
Buldak 5 votes
Yum Yum 17 votes
Unox 4 votes
Nongshim 3 votes
Nissin Soba 4 votes
Vifon Pho ga 1 vote
Itsu 1 vote

How do you pronounce the Efteling ride “Vogel Rok”?

Vógel Rok 22 votes
Vogel Ròk 6 votes

On which continent are we?

Europe 6 votes
Afro-Eurasia 0 votes
Eurasia 6 votes
Pangea 3 votes
There are no continents. 2 votes
Europapa 23 votes

How would you rate the quality of Woensel Wereldkeukens?

5 stars (Amazing Quality) 4 votes
4 stars (Exceptional Quality) 6 votes
3 stars (Average Quality) 2 votes
2 stars (Bad Quality) 3 votes
1 stars (Straight trash) 7 votes

When putting on your shoes?

sock sock shoe shoe 54 votes
sok schoen sok schoen 5 votes
commando 1 vote

How would you rather go through life?

Hopping on 1 leg 21 votes
With only 1 arm 21 votes

Is a “kapsalon” gluten free?

Yes 20 votes
No 11 votes

What color should the outdoor bar (which was paid for by GEWIS and sponsored by Grolsch) be?

GEWIS red 31 votes
BAC green 17 votes
Grolsch green 4 votes
Rainbow 28 votes

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