Pancake or poffertjes?

Pancake 38 votes
Poffertjes 20 votes

How do you make your cereal?

Pour the milk first 3 votes
Put the cereal first 8 votes
Cereal? Bah 9 votes

What type of AH lager is the best?

Cold 2 votes
Room temperature 8 votes
From the radiator 10 votes
Boiling hot 26 votes

Do you want a second part of the TU/e murder mystery?

Yesss 3 votes
Yes but even cooler 20 votes
No :( 3 votes

Do you want a more sustainable search engine on your committee account?

Yes! Ecosia plants trees <3 23 votes
No, Google, capitalism! 16 votes
Something different.... Comment below! 8 votes

Who do you think will win this year's competition?

FYC21-0 ITAM 0 votes
FYC21-1 The Meerkats 5 votes
FYC21-2The Beer Musketeers 5 votes
FYC21-3 GeLØL 8 votes
FYC21-4 ROCK 4 votes

Ontbijtkoek or Peperkoek?

Ontbijtkoek 17 votes
Peperkoek 30 votes

What web framework do you prefer?

Laminas 1 vote
Laravel 6 votes
Rocket 0 votes
Ruby on Rails 1 vote
Express 8 votes
Django 3 votes
Flask 4 votes

Do you want a Git training or a Github training?

Git 11 votes
Github 3 votes
What's the difference? 35 votes
Not interested 5 votes

You find yourself in the middle of the forest and there are mysterious eerie sounds coming in front of you. What do you do?

Explore 2 votes
Go back to sleep 11 votes
Grab the gun that suddenly showed up 3 votes
Ask the way to the gnome on your right 11 votes

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