What kind of tea should the board buy?

Green tea 8 votes
Fruity flavors 17 votes
Minty tea 2 votes
Rooibos 6 votes
English breakfast 6 votes
Camomile 2 votes

What will you take with you while cycling to the FLUP?

Everything sweet! 2 votes
Beer! 2 votes
Peppernuts 4 votes
Wiskey 2 votes
Pepper vodka 1 vote
I'm not 18, so coke 3 votes

What is your favorite intro activity?

Maltbeer-monday 4 votes
Thedrunkparty-tuesday 7 votes
"We are brak from yesterday"-wednesday 6 votes
Throughhale-thursday 14 votes
Cantus on friday 3 votes

Rain from the airconditioning at the consti-drink?

Sooo refreshing! 0 votes
Even the airco finds the new board horrible 5 votes
Moar rain-themed social drinks! 2 votes
Tropical Swimparadise for the Senate 6 votes

Who's going to be the winner of the constitution drink?

Laura "Daadkracht maakt macht" K 0 votes
Nicky "Eens een hert, altijd alert" v/d B 1 vote
Bram "De mam die alles kam" W 6 votes
Guido "1 s is geen s" J 1 vote
Luuk "Waar is de krokettenlunch" M 2 votes
Ralph "Koelkastlover" van I 2 votes
Merel "Agile Scrum" P 3 votes

What is the color of the 36th board?

Purple 3 votes
Yellow 7 votes
Blue 3 votes
Red 0 votes
Green 8 votes
Gray 1 vote
Sunset 7 votes
Pink 3 votes
Orange 1 vote
Brown 0 votes
Gold 4 votes

Who will have a hard time the morning after the Boardchange-GMM?

Laura 13 votes
Nicky 4 votes
Bram 4 votes
Guido 3 votes
Luuk 2 votes
Ralph 6 votes
Merel 5 votes


Yummy! 5 votes
Only in beer 2 votes
Pretty good for on cucumber 3 votes
When does the trauma-processing group start? 2 votes
GET IT OFF ME! 11 votes

During the LAN I'll be playing...

LoL 1 vote
Dota 0 votes
Overwatch 0 votes
Fifa 0 votes
Heartstone 0 votes
Rocket League 0 votes
Pokémon 0 votes
Nothing, drinking beer (maybe beerpong) 2 votes
Nintendo Switch 0 votes
With myself 0 votes

What will you do on Valentines day?

Cry in the corner 8 votes
Drink beer with ATHENA 5 votes
Hold a competition on who can finish an ice bucket the fastest 0 votes
Watch Valentines Day on the TV 0 votes
Go out to dinner with a handsome unit 4 votes
Get overwhelmed by rozes from the Armadillos 18 votes
Tell the world that you don't need a man / woman in your life 4 votes
Go to the pub to find a desperate date 1 vote

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