Autobots or decepticons?

Autobots 8 votes
Decepticons 4 votes

Do you know Black Magic?

Yes 2 votes
No. 0 votes
Heard of it sometime before 0 votes
You can't say black, it's rascist! 4 votes
Nom, cookies 6 votes
Pink elephant? 2 votes

What was the best KORN?

Apfel 2 votes
Winter 0 votes
Eerdberen und Rabarber 3 votes
Waldmeister 1 vote
Plum 1 vote
Saure Apfel 2 votes
Waldfruchten 4 votes

More or less 34 in the babbel?

Less! 0 votes
Less! Less! Less! 6 votes
What do I know? 4 votes

Vincent Huisman in the babbel Whatsapp group?

Yes 4 votes
No - why is there a requirement that this option has a 3 character minimum? 11 votes
How do I unsubscribe? 2 votes
I don't care 2 votes

Who will survive the consti?

Leroy Visser 3 votes
Merel Elings 1 vote
Arno Coppelmans 1 vote
Celine Senden 1 vote
Levi Prikken 2 votes
Eva Lassche 5 votes
Patricia Vossen 1 vote

When can you call yourself mathematician/computer scientist?

If you feel like one 7 votes
When you're enrolled 0 votes
When you have ECTS 1 vote
When you have real ECTS 4 votes
After you finished your first year succesfully 1 vote
With a Bachelor of Science degree 6 votes
With a master of Science degree 3 votes
After your PhD 0 votes
After working for a decade 2 votes

The answer to the first question at the GELIMBO quiz will be:

A or B 2 votes
13,7 0 votes
I don't know 0 votes
Blue 1 vote
Wrong 3 votes
Your mom 3 votes
That one guy, you know, with those things, whats his name again.... 4 votes

What will be this year's intro theme?

Pirates 0 votes
Old movies 0 votes
Pool party 0 votes
Kutjeroen 3 votes
Christmas 1 vote
Spaghetti 1 vote
Shrek 0 votes
Forward to the past 7 votes
High in the sky 0 votes
Blub ik ben een vis 2 votes
8-bit 2 votes
Disco 1 vote

What is the correct way to spell in Dutch?

Ik ad, hij adt, wij hebben geadt, jij moet adten 11 votes
Ik at, hij at, wij hebben geat, jij moet atten 2 votes

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