Computer Beheer Commissie

The CBC (Computer Beheer Commissie) makes sure that the board and all committees can do their work at GEWIS, or somewhere else. We maintain the PC's, TV-screens, as well as the servers needed to facilitate this and the software required. A short overview of the things the CBC maintains:

  • The PC's in the boardroom
    • Including the software
  • The GEWIS-servers, with:
    • Committee-data
    • Mailserver and -lists
    • Administration
    • Websites (hosting only)
    • Backups
  • The TV-screens in the GEWIS-room

We also maintain some stuff that is less visible

  • The SuSOS-screens
  • The security-cameras
  • And some problemmatic device, called "printer"

When you have a problem or questions about this, or about us, you can contact us via mail. A fancy support-system will make sure that we respons in a timely matter (mostly of times...).


CBC! Het is stuk! (IT IS BROKEN!)

Experiencing an error? Check the maintenance calendar (add in SOGo or click here for Google Calendar). Nothing visible there? Then, create a ticket on or send us an email.

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