The website you are currently looking at is a piece of software made by GEWIS. If you are not visiting GEWIS through the online way, but in the physical room, you will still see software of GEWIS, such as the narrowcasting tools and the point-of-sales system. If you know some more about the software you may also have experience with the custom-built membership database or the CRM system made by GEWIS.

All this software has in common that it is maintained by the ABC, the ApplicatieBeheerCommissie, which can be roughly translated to "Application Management Committee". This organ is responsible for maintaining the software that was made for or by GEWIS. She takes care of keeping the software up to date at this point, but also in the future, for example by keeping documenation.

We would love to invite you to take a look at GitHub where most of the software can be publicly found. There you can also create requests for enhancements to the software. If you have a question that is not meant for GitHub, you can reach us through


PS: Do you want to learn Javascript, TypeScript, PHP or Python or do you want to show off your skills? Let us know and join the ABC!

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