Computer Beheer Commissie

The CBC (Computer Beheer Commissie) makes sure that the board and all committees can do their work at GEWIS, or somewhere else. We maintain the PC's, TV-screens, as well as the servers needed to facilitate this and the software required. A short overview of the things the CBC maintains:

  • The Windows workstations in the board room that the board and the active members use. The CBC ensures the hardware works properly and the workstations always have the latest software;
  • The virtual work environment to work securely from the comfort of your own home with GEWIS data;
  • The TVs and other hardware in the room such as the screens for SudoSOS, the security cameras and the printers; and
  • The (virtual) GEWIS servers for among other things webhosting, container hosting, file storage and email hosting.

GEWIS has another committee that may look similar to the CBC, the Application Management Committee. The main difference with the ABC is that the CBC does not make applications, but only installs them and maintains them. SudoSOS is a great example of this: the ABC creates this application, but the CBC ensures that the server that hosts it works.

When you have a problem or questions about this, or about us, you can contact us via mail. A fancy support-system will make sure that we respond in a timely matter (most of the time...).

Do you think fixing printers is something you like? Or does creating internet cables make you happy? Perhaps you fancy tweaking the settings of the systems to let everyone use their Firefox profile on all computers? Then let us know using the email address on the top of this page or contact one of us and we’ll invite you to one of our working sessions. There we can take the time to explain everything we do. You definitely don’t have to know everything already; most of our members learned everything gradually when they were a member.

CBC! Het is stuk! (IT IS BROKEN!)

Experiencing an error? Check the maintenance calendar (add in SOGo or click here for Google Calendar). Nothing visible there? Then, create a ticket on or send us an email.

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