Privacy Statement of GEWIS (2019-02-12)

Privacy statement der Study association GEWIS dated 12 February 2019 

We respect your privacy and process your personal data only with the purposes for which you provide them. With this privacy statement we provide more clarity which personal data we collect and with what purpose.

A. contact details

1. Data

Name of the study association: Study association GEWIS (abbreviation of: GEmeenschap van Wiskunde en Informatica Studenten; meaning: Community of Mathematics and Computer Science Students).


Chamber of Commerce registration number: 40237787

B. Personal data which we process

1. Email address

Your email address will be used to inform you about news items which are important for the members of the association. Next to this, when you subscribe to the study association you can indicate whether you are interested in mails with business-oriented information, job offers and informal and internal matters. Based on these preferences your email address will be used for different purposes. These preferences can be changed by contacting the board of the association by all times. Lastly, in case needed, the association (represented by the board) can use your email address when they need to contact you. You can change your email address at any time by contacting the board of the association.

2. Address

Your address can be used to send the magazine of the association (Supremum), information about activities or postcards. To ensure proper distribution of the magazine, it is possible that your address will be shared with a third party. You can change your address at any time by contacting the board of the association.

3. Phone number

The association (represented by the board) can use your phone number in case that contact is needed. You can always change your phone number by contacting the board of the association.

4. Bank account

When subscribing to the association, you can provide your bank account number. In that case, this data will only be used for a direct debit for the contribution to the association and for any payments to you. You can always change your bank account number by contacting the board of the association.

5. Generation


The year in which you join the association will be saved as your generation. This information can be used to send information only to a subset of the members, when the board deems this necessary or desirable. Besides this, your generation is visible for other members of study association GEWIS on the website, only when logged in. In the case that the generation provides wrong information, you can indicate this to the board.

6. Membership number

A membership number will be assigned to you when subscribing to GEWIS. This number can be used to create an own password on the website, which can be used to log in onto the website. On the website all sorts of information can be found and one can subscribe to activities which are organized by GEWIS. This number can also be connected with a SuSOS account (see section 7).

7. Payment system during the social drink

We make use of the SuSOS system, a payment system, during social drinks and one can purchase drinks and snacks from during the day. After subscribing at GEWIS, you can request a SuSOS account which will be linked to your membership number. When using the payment system, you agree with the registration of your transactions (upgrading your balance and bought products). A summary of these details can be used for the public showing of statistics during social drinks. The user can always see their own transactions and statistics through your personal SuSOS page on the GEWIS website.

8. Photos

During activities of the association photos can be made of attendees. A selection of these photos will be published on the photo albums of the website. These photos can be shown on the screen in the GEWIS room or used for the Supremum (magazine of the association). Furthermore the photos can be used for promotion purposes. The pictures on the website are only visible for members of the association. An exception is the “photo of the week”, where no reference will be given to the member. When joining an activity, you agree that photos on which you are depicted are placed on our website and used for promotion ends. In case you have an objection to this, you can indicate this to the organization of the activity. In the case that (one of) the photo(s) placed on the website do not please you, you can indicate this to the board and this/these photo(s) will be removed from the website.

9. Other personal data

Other personal data will only be used when it is needed to carry out tasks of the association (possibly represented by the board), whether or not resulting from an agreement between you and the association.

10. Provision of personal data

Other personal data will not be shared with third parties unless the board has written permission provided by you.

C. View, adjust or delete data

1. View, adjust or delete data

You have the right to view, adjust or delete your personal data. Besides that you have the right to withdraw any permission of data processing or object the processing of your personal data by study association GEWIS. You also have the right of data portability. This means that you can request the board to send the personal data which we have gathered of you to you or to another organization. You can send a request for inspection, correction, deletion, data transfer of your personal data or request for cancellation of your consent or an objection of the processing of your personal data to To make sure that the request of inspection is made by you, a copy of your identification needs to be send together with your request. In this copy your photograph, MRZ (machine readable zone), passport number and citizen service number needs to be unreadable, by making it black. This is to provide your privacy. You get a response as soon as possible, but no later than four weeks after your request. Study association GEWIS wants to notify you about the possibility to file a complaint to the European Data Protection Supervisor. This can be done via:


2. Storage period

Data as described in section ‘B Personal data which we process’, with as exception photos, will be stored up to two years after termination of your membership. Photos will be stored until abolition of the association. It is also possible that the name of a member is stored until the abolition of the association. This is due to the fact that your name can occur in the association documents. More information about our storage periods can be found in our datasheet.

3. Changing of this privacy policy

The association reserves the right to change this privacy policy at all times; these changes will be published at the website and announced by email (for example over the weekly newsletter). After a month of announcing the changes the new statement automatically takes effect. Without a counter notification, you automatically agree. In the case that you have an objection, you can notify the board of the association within a month after the announcement.  

D. The room

1. Cameras

By entering the room 'Het Dakterras', located on De Groene Loper 5 Eindhoven in room MetaForum 3.155, you are notified that you are being recorded. As decided on a General Meeting (decision GM 73.8.0), the camera footage will only be used for security purposes. The camera footage will be saved for at most 72 hours. On each General Meeting an update is given about the camera footage that have been viewed together with the reason.

2. Contact

If you wish to react on our privacy policy, you can contact:

Postal address:

Study Association GEWIS

MF 3.155

Postbus 513



Visiting address:

Study Association GEWIS

MF 3.155

De Groene Loper 5

5612 AZ Eindhoven

Phone number: +31 (0)40 247 2815



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