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As you might know, GEWIS has an amazing website! Of course this website did not pop up out of nothing; this is what the Web Committee does. We ensure that the website is a state-of-the-art piece of technology and make sure it stays that way. Other committees and members rely on us to be able to use the website.

Next to maintaining our beloved website, we also take care of continuously improving it by enhancing existing functions and adding new features to it. Any creative input from our members is valued and can be implemented. We are also continually implementing ideas from the board or other GEWIS members to enhance the way they interact with the website.

In our committee we make sure everyone feels comfortable and help each other learning and improving their skills. We know how programmers work best, that’s with a good mug of coffee or a beer. Next to meetings, we also organise working moments because we believe it’s even more fun and more productive to work together.

We are a longstanding committee and will be around for even a longer while. Our committee is well spread-out over different generations. As some will soon bring their well-valued skills to use in the job market, we are always looking for new members to make the website even more amazing!


The web committee prefers to be communicated with in English.

  Website https://gewis.nl/

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