ATHENA High Beer

Dear you,

ATHENA has something fun in store for you! On the 23rd of September, we will organize our yearly High Beer! The High Beer will take place on the flux field from 17:00 till 19:30. This year, you will have even more choice since we have 3 different cards!

Beer card: Consisting of one pale ale, one hefeweizen, one IPA, and one triple. €12,-

Fruit beer card: Four fruity beers €12,-

Soda card: Three sweet and tasty alcohol-free drinks. €6,-

Each drink will be served with a suiting homemade bite! You can indicate which card(s) you would like to have on the subscription list. You have to pay in advance and it will not be possible to buy more beers later.

We only have spots for 43 GEWISsers, so be sure to subscribe soon. The subscription list opens on the 10th of September at 12:00. If we have more than 43 subscribers after one hour, there will be a draw. You can choose to subscribe per person or with a group of max 4 people. Only one person of the group has to subscribe and they can indicate the choice of cards for all the members of their group.

We hope to see you there and don’t forget to subscribe before 12:00 on the 16th of September!


woensdag 23 september 2020 om 17:00
woensdag 23 september 2020 om 19:30
Depending on choice of card
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Neem contact op met ATHENA of het bestuur ( als je vragen of opmerkingen hebt of als je na het verstrijken van de afmeldtermijn niet aanwezig kunt zijn. Veel plezier!

Deze inschrijflijst is open van woensdag 16 september 2020 om 12:00 tot woensdag 16 september 2020 om 12:00.

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