Have you ever worried of being the only girl at your new studies? Or are you just new in Eindhoven and want to make some female friends? ATHENA to the rescue! ATHENA is a group of (mainly) women in GEWIS, with as main goal to make women feel more welcome between all the men at Mathematics and Computer Science. Our members can often be found at GEWIS, for example during the weekly drinks and other activities. We also organize several activities for GEWIS with a female touch, like a cocktail drink/workshop, a high beer, a dance workshop or a beauty-night. Besides that, we are close a group of friends. Therefore, we also have fun activities outside GEWIS together, like playing board games, eating chocolate, dancing, having sleepovers, drinking cocktails, canoeing and all other sorts of activities. Feel free to have a chat with us, to talk about all your women related issues, or just have a nice conversation. You can recognize us by our ATHENA clothing, which has our logo on it: a pink circle with an owl inside it. We hope to get to know you and to see you at one of our activities! If you want to get in contact with us or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us an email via or DM at Instagram!

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