ATHENA Workout Summer Challenge #AWSC

tldr: ATHENA workout summer challenge and buy a cool GEWIS bidon for only 3 euros! Subscription list opens Wednesday 24th June 12.00h.

Hi all! Corona probably did change your life! You are working from home, so you did not have that morning bike ride to the university. Or maybe it became better as you did not have to sit in the overfull train. Do you also miss that little nice walk from building to building at the campus with your study mates? We as ATHENA members found a new daily routine with which we tried to stay productive and healthly. Part of this is our weekly bootcamps (approximately 4 per week), from which you most likely already saw a sneak peak via our Instagram or at a Snapchat you received.

During the summer break we want to continue with this, but we are going to include you all in our #fitgirl and #fitboy process. We challenge you to participate in the three week ATHENA work-out, in which we will provide you with 3 work-outs per week of approximately 20 minutes. As not everyone is at the same level, we will make sure that for every level exercises will be provided. As we wanted to keep the threshold of the work-outs as low as possible, we made sure that the only equipment you need is a towel to lie on! If you want to challenge yourself extra, you can always use weights during the exercise, but that is for the die-hards! ;)

When you are working out and sweating you need to stay hydrated. So we as ATHENA will launch a GEWIS bidon. You can buy this GEWIS bidon for only 3 euros. There are only 50 bidons available so be fast! The subscription list opens at Wednesday the 24th of June at 12.00h. When there are more than 50 subscriptions in the first 3 hours, there will be drawn. If you do not want to join the amazing workout challenge, it is possible to subscribe for the bidon, but participants will get priority. The pick-up point for the bidon will be at North (Pisanostraat) or Center (Graaf Adolfstraat).

The videos will become available at our Instagram and ATHENA website!


You can view the design here! Test

UPDATE: Subscription for the bidons is not possible anymore!

maandag 13 juli 2020 om 00:01
maandag 3 augustus 2020 om 23:59
Work-outs: Free / Bidon: 3 euros
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Neem contact op met ATHENA of het bestuur ( als je vragen of opmerkingen hebt of als je na het verstrijken van de afmeldtermijn niet aanwezig kunt zijn. Veel plezier!

Deze inschrijflijst is open van maandag 3 augustus 2020 om 16:00 tot maandag 3 augustus 2020 om 16:00.

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