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Welcome to the website of Study association GEWIS, the study association of the department of Mathematics & Computer Science of the Eindhoven University of Technology.


Opening hours of Q4

During the lecture period, the GEWIS room is open (as usual) from 8.30h till 17.00h (Monday-Friday). During exam weeks, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, beer or board game until 18.00h.
The board can be contacted by phone (+31 40 247 2815) or by email.

On you can see whether someone is present outside these hours.

Upcoming special opening times (for all holidays, check the calendar):

  • Friday 5 May: Liberation Day (MetaForum is closed)
  • Thursday 18 May: Ascension Day (MetaForum is closed)
  • Friday 19 May: Ascension Day (MetaForum is closed)
  • Sunday 28 May: Whit Sunday (MetaForum is closed)
  • Monday 29 May: Whit Monday (MetaForum is closed)
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Date of board meetings & Newsletter

During the fourth quartile (Q4) the board meetings will be on Wednesday morning.
Budgets and financial statements should be handed in two days before the board meeting (on Monday) at the latest.

During Q4, the newsletter will be sent on Tuesday. Want to add something to this letter? Please supply your piece (via Monday 12.00h at the latest.

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Intro Parent Subscriptions

Every year, the introduction committee needs intro parents to house all new students. In this form, you will be able to subscribe to the introduction week as a introduction parent with one of your friends!

The introduction week is from 21/08/2023 until 25/08/2023. This means that you HAVE to be available during those times. Next to that, there will also be a training day during the holidays where you need to be present. This day is on the Saturday before the intro week, so 19/08/2023. If you are currently studying, you can be an intro parent!

You don't need to be a GEWIS member. If you want to sign up with your wannabe co-parent, fill in the form below! Take note, this year we are using a different selection from last year. Make sure you include why you want to become intro parent as well as why you think you would be a good intro parent, as this is one of the criteria we will be using. Note, there is limited capacity.

Subscribe here!

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