Board 2022/2023

f.l.t.r: Jasper, Lucy, Daan, Wietske, Samuel, Bartjan en Celine

Of course we still cherish our old boards.

Wietske de Bondt - Chair

Wietske de Bondt is the chair of GEWIS. As a chair she is ultimately responsible for everything that happens within the association and is therefore also the first point of contact of the association, which makes her the face of the association. Hence, she often has contact with the departmental board and the building management. Luckily she does not have to do this all by herself since she has a whole board with whom she has to take this on together. She is responsible for the structure within the board and the association. She leads the General Meetings (GM) and the Board Meetings (BM); a weekly meeting of the board in which the mail, budgets, committees, fraternities and policies are discussed. Furthermore, she attends the meetings of the FSE (niece associations) and the WISO (sister associations).

If you have any questions for Wietske, you can send her a mail.


Daan Verkade - Secretary

Daan Verkade is the secretary of GEWIS. As a secretary, he is responsible for the incoming and outgoing mail. Furthermore, he makes sure that the members stay informed of all activities and recent events through a newsletter. Daan is responsible for the minutes of the General Meetings (GM) and the Board Meetings (BM). Daan also keeps record of the archive and takes care of the membership administration. Finally, he is the controller concerning the privacy law.

If you have any questions for Daan, you can send him a mail.

Samuel Oosterholt - Treasurer

Samuel Oosterholt is the treasurer of GEWIS. As a treasurer, he is responsible for keeping record of the cash book and the administration of the finances. He composes the financial annual report. He also checks the financial status within committees. If you would like to organise an activity for GEWIS, you can send a budget to Samuel.

Samuel is also the vice chair. He will replace the chair if the chair is unable to execute her tasks.

If you have any questions for Samuel, you can send him a mail.


Lucy de Graaf - Internal Affairs Officer

Lucy de Graaf is the Internal Affairs Officer of GEWIS. As an Internal Affairs Officer, she is responsible for the committees and fraternities. By doing this, Lucy ensures that many nice activities are organised. In case you are interested in a committee or fraternity, you can always mail Lucy. Furthermore, she is responsible for monitoring the activity list and the posters. She is responsible for the sale of the books. She keeps the photos up to date on the website (photo archive) and maintains 'het Dakterras' (the GEWIS room). Lucy chairs the Chair's meeting (CM). At this meeting, all chairmen of the committees and fraternities attend, where they have the possibility to ask questions to each other. The policy concerning activities is also discussed at the CM.

If you have any questions for Lucy, you can send her a mail.


Bartjan Henkemans - Educational Officer

Bartjan Henkemans is the Educational Officer of GEWIS. As an Educational Officer, he is responsible for preventing, observing and co-solving education-related problems. He will inquire about how things are going with the students regarding education. Bartjan attends meetings of the Educational Committee, the Departmental Council and other education-related meetings. He gives advice to these organs if this is desired. If you have any complaints related to education, you can mail Bartjan. Furthermore, Bartjan puts summaries and practice exams of courses online.

If you have any questions for Bartjan, you can send him a mail.

Jasper Gregoire - External Affairs Officer

Jasper Gregoire is the External Affairs Officer of GEWIS. As an External Affairs Officer, he is responsible for monitoring the contacts with companies. He coordinates all career-related activities organised by GEWIS, like lunch lectures and company visits, which you can find here. He also takes care of the vacancy bank, where companies introduce themselves and place vacancies, internships, traineeships and graduation projects online. Finally, he is the Chair of C4, a committee which supports him in maintaining contacts with companies.

If you have any questions for Jasper, you can send him a mail.

Celine de Jong - Career Development and External Affairs Officer

Usually, GEWIS has a 7th board member with a special function. This year Celine is the Career Development and External Affairs Officer. In her function, she will focus on improving the integration of career in education. Next to this she is also working together with Jasper to decrease the workload of the External Affairs.

If you have any questions for Celine, you can send her a mail.

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