IT Strategic Guidance analyst bij Shell



  • The Shell Enterprise Architecture team – under the guidance of the Lead Enterprise Architect – is responsible for setting, documenting and maintaining the global IT Architecture standards within Shell
  • Part of this involves creating strategic IT guidance “factsheets” which are single page documents that distil often very complex technical topics into easy to digest guidance for senior IT managers and stakeholders
  • There are currently > 150 factsheets in the strategic guidance library covering a range of topics including cloud, data, security, mobile and digitalization

The role: - An intern is required to assist the Shell Enterprise Architecture PMO team to maintain and improve the IT strategic guidance library. Activities may include:

  • Keeping track of all the master data within the library to ensure that documents are always up to date
  • Working closely with subject matter experts to create new factsheets – this will involve working with them to understand how best to simplify and summarise their topics
  • Update and maintain the Sharepoint user interface
  • Help to identify and deliver improvement opportunities across the whole strategic guidance area
  • Help to streamline the process for updating the factsheets and keeping it real time

Skills required: - Basic project management

  • Sharepoint maintenance
  • A high level awareness of the technical domains within IT – cloud, security, and so on
  • Must be accurate and articulate
  • Good interpersonal skills to work with subject matter experts and stakeholder
  • Whilst constant steer and guidance will be provided, must be able to work independently and at pace, and pick up new skills and concepts quickly

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