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ASML is changing the world, one nanometer at a time! We’re a high-tech, Netherlands-based company manufacturing complex lithography systems that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits – aka microchips.

A global industry leader

Our machines help create the electronics you use in your daily life. In the past three decades, we have grown from a startup to a multinational company with over 60 locations globally and annual net sales of €21billion in 2022. Our customers include the world’s leading chipmakers like Intel, Samsung and TSMC. We provide them with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce patterns on silicon through lithography.

Investing in our people

Behind ASML’s innovation hides true talent. Our researchers, engineers, scientists and manufacturing specialists, as well as our high-tech hardware and software experts, make the impossible happen every day. We invest around €3.3 billion per year in R&D, giving our teams the freedom, support and resources to experiment and push the boundaries of technology. They work in closeknit, multidisciplinary teams, learning and growing along with the company.

Career development and well-being

At ASML, you will see your career and professional development expand in new ways. From our in-house knowledge hub,
the ASML Academy, to personal coaching and acceleration programs, opportunity for growth is everywhere around you.
To spearhead innovation, we need fresh ideas and unique perspectives. That’s why we’re proud to have employees from diverse backgrounds. By offering support and guidance, ASML will be your launchpad to creativity and experimentation. Well-being is always top of mind for us! We support our employees in taking the initiative to foster their health and
happiness to promote a good work-life balance.

Innovation to the max

Working at the forefront of technology offers unique challenges, driving our expert teams to innovate across multiple fields and disciplines. Over 20 years of sustained R&D brought us the development of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. As the only supplier of this advanced technology, we’re responsible for continuing to develop and perfect these complex systems. One example of this complexity is how EUV light is generated. First, a 30-kilowatt laser fires at tin droplets 50,000 times per second, hitting each droplet twice. The laser vaporizes the tin droplets, creating a plasma hotter than the surface of the sun. This interaction emits EUV light at a wavelength of 13.5 nanometers. And all of this takes place in a vacuum-sealed system. From patterning nanometer-sized structures on a microchip wafer to creating light using lasers and liquid metal, the work we do can be hard to wrap your head around. Yet, every day around the world, ASML teams are solving these seemingly impossible problems and pushing technology to new limits.

Building a sustainable future

We’re deeply committed to our vision of a more sustainable future through the advancement of technology. Our strategic
sustainability focus areas include minimizing waste and bmaximizing resources. In addition, corporate citizenship
initiatives, such as promoting technical education in the communities where we operate, form the foundation for how we conduct our business.

Be part of progress

We’re a dynamic, global team of over 39,000 people and 140+ nationalities – and counting. Based in Europe’s most prolific
tech hub, the Brainport Eindhoven region in the Netherlands, our operations are spread across Europe, Asia and the US. If you’re ready to bring your best ideas and join an industryleading company committed to pushing technology to new limits, visit

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