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HI! We are BIM-Connected.

BIM-Connected is an innovative, progressive, young and energetic company. We make impact with +/- 25 great colleagues, spread over a consultancy and software team. We guide large organizations in the world of data and digital transformation. These are organizations that do 'something' in the built environment. Consider the design, construction and management of buildings, roads, tunnels and wind farms. In this industry we are seen as the specialist in applying open data standards and creating added value from data. It is precisely this industry that makes it fun and challenging to work with data. This has to do with the visualization of and integration into 2D and 3D data. A 2D map for the municipality and a 3D representation of a hospital. Our consultants and specialists help clients get added value from their data by structuring multiple data sets, improving their quality, harmonizing and integrating them and making them transparent through dashboards and 2D and 3D visualizations. From data to information and from information to knowledge. Each project has a highly innovative character, is challenging and requires a proactive attitude from us to think along with the client without being asked to take the right steps to automate and work in a data-driven way. Deciding and acting on factual data is what we aim for!

And we shouldn't forget our software platform, called Wistor. A new and distinctive platform where the software is flexible and scalable. Built on the latest techniques; graph databases and semantic web technology. Used for multiple applications, such as a Common Data Environment (integration platform), data exchange portal, automated data control portal and data viewer.

Can you handle freedom and responsibility? Do you want to be at the forefront of innovative solutions in the industry? Are you ready to make impact? And above all, are you looking for fun and a pleasant workplace? Just call or email and we will be happy to tell you more!

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