Round Table Discussions Q3

Useful for first year students

Dear students, 

Coming weeks the so-called Round Table Discussions will take place. Here students can give positive and negative feedback on courses that they follow while enjoying a FREE LUNCH! For every course a teacher will be present to respond to the feedback or ask questions themselves to the students present. That way we can improve the courses together! You can find your Canvas page using This quartile the following courses will be discussed: 

Bachelor Computer Science & Engineering Year 1 - Tuesday 12 March - 12:40-13:20 - TBA:

  • 2DRR10 – Probability and Statistics for CS
  • 2IC30 – Computer systems

Bachelor Computer Science & Engineering Year 2 - Thursday, 29 February - 12:40-13:20 - MF2:

  • 2IX20 – Software specification
  • 2IOI0 – DBL Process mining
  • 2IS70 – DBL App development

Bachelor Computer Science & Engineering Year 3 - Monday, 11 March - 12:40-13:20 - TBA

  • 2IX30 – Responsible Data Science
  • 2ITB0 – Provable programming
  • 2ID70 – Data-intensive systems and applications

Bachelor Applied Mathematics Year 1 - Thursday, 7 March - 12:40-13:20 - TBA

  • 2MBD10 – Graph theory and applications
  • 2MBA60 – Analysis 2
  • 2MBC10 – Introduction to numerical analysis

Bachelor Applied Mathematics Year 2 - Friday, 1 March - 12:40-13:20 - MF6.132

  • 2WA70 – Ordinary differential equations
  • 2WF50 – Algebra and discrete mathematics

Bachelor Applied Mathematics Year 3 - Wednesday, 28 February
We will expirement with a different setup where we come by during the instructions of the following courses:

  • 2WB60 – Stochastic performance modelling
  • 2WB50 – Stochastic simulation

Taking a course which is not listed and want to discuss it? 

You can send an email to

What if I cannot make it to the Round Table Discussions but I do want to contribute? 

That is unfortunate, hopefully you can join next time! For the time being, you can do the following. Either: 

  •   Send your feedback to a friend who is attending or,
  •   Send your feedback to

How to join 

If you would like to join you can go to your Canvas information page > People > Groups and click on the group for Q2. If you are taking a course which is not part of your cohort (e.g. taking a first year course in your second year) you can still participate by sending an email!

Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 12:40 PM
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 1:20 PM
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€0,- (Free lunch!)
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Please contact the organizing party or the board ( with any questions or concerns. Have fun!

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