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Dear students,

On Wednesday the 15th of March, C4 is organizing a great career event: The C4 Company Dinner! For only 15 euros you will get a full dinner in an actual restaurant and you will be able to talk to two companies about anything you want.

At the dinner, three companies will attend, of which you can choose two to talk with. With both of them, you will enjoy three nice courses and some drinks to discover the career possibilities they have in an informal conversation. As usual in our career related activities, we will also provide you with food and drinks.

Are you a Master student? Then you are lucky! If there are more than 32 people subscribed to this activity, we will put Master students first.

Make sure you fill in what type of food you want (You can choose between meat and vegan) and which companies you would like to have dinner with.

The companies that will attend are:

  • Vanderlande
  • Pipple
  • Wolfpack

Information about the companies:

Vanderlande is a market-leading, global partner for future-proof logistic process automation in the warehousing, airports and parcel sectors. Its extensive portfolio of integrated solutions – innovative systems, intelligent software and life-cycle services – results in the realisation of fast, reliable and efficient automation technology.

The company focuses on the optimisation of its customers’ business processes and competitive positions. Through close cooperation, it strives for the improvement of their operational activities and the expansion of their logistical achievements.

Vanderlande’s warehousing solutions are the first choice for many of the largest global e-commerce players and retailers in food, fashion and general merchandise across the globe. The company helps them to fulfil their promise of same-day delivery for billions of orders, with nine of the 15 largest global food retailers relying on its efficient and reliable solutions.

Pipple is a fast-growing data science agency based in the heart of Eindhoven. With a creative, open-minded, and positive worldview, we try to make the world a better place by making the impossible possible and making our clients extremely happy by using data science and data engineering in a creative way.

Pipple solves complex problems by developing new practical solutions using mathematics, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, custom algorithms, and other cool stuff. We love variety and we’re active within a diversity of domains, such as; Logistics, banking, insurance, industry, government, energy, retail and non-profit. We work closely with our clients because we believe that working together leads to the best results.

Wolfpack is located at the beating heart of innovation: The Eindhoven University of Technology. Our employees have an academic education and see new techniques as the natural way to go.

At Wolfpack we combine different talents in a team that fit the specific project best and make sure best practises are shared between projects. This way we are always developing and you get the best we have to offer.

The diverse background of our software developers allow us to provide unique business insights on security, data engineering and UX design. We make sure your software will be future proof for your business.

We hope to see you there!
Kind regards,

Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 5:30 PM
Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 9:00 PM
Chomicha | Celsiusplein 28 5621 BN Eindhoven
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Please contact Corporate Communication and Contact Committee or the board (ceb@gewis.nl) with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

This sign-up list has a limited capacity and is open from Monday, March 6, 2023 at 5:50 PM till Tuesday, March 14, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

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