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Note: this activity has been cancelled!
We hear all about it in the news. The receptions of asylum seekers are overcrowded. New locations (such as cruise ships) are being converted to shelter asylum seekers. You can imagine that in times of war (Ukraine) and the continuous flow of specific refugees (Syrians) the influx of asylum seekers continues. In combination with staff shortages at the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) this causes major problems. The IND assesses all applications from foreign nationals who want to live in the Netherlands or want to become Dutch citizens.
We help the IND with a better planning process within the complex migration chain by providing a custom software solution. We need your help for this case!
In recent years, the large number of applications has resulted in a backlog of thousands of asylum applications. . This is troublesome for both; the asylum seekers who are waiting for their application review, as well as for the Dutch Immigration Service, that have to pay penalties for long asylum processes.
With your team you will help the IND by efficiently reducing the backlog of thousands of asylum applications. For the best solutions you have to take different dependencies into account such as availability of employees, competence (languages) of employees, nationality of refugees, penalties of refugees and of course ethical decisions.
Which group will manage to get to the lowest penalty fee, while taking ethics into account?

  • Please bring your own laptop for this case.
  • This case will be most interesting for mathematics students.

After the business case there will be a drink afterwards on costs of GEWIS!
*You get 1 MyFuture point for attending this activity!*

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 2:00 PM
Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 5:00 PM
t.b.d. (on campus)
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