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Choosing for Anago is choosing for professionality in an informal setting, ambition and fun. What do we do? In a nutshell, Anago makes smart software to help organizations plan better. Our consultants detect a scheduling conflict and determine the best solution for the customer. Organizations come to us with all sorts of problems. Three of them are lined up for you here:

  • A big airline repairs aircraft engines, but the intake and flow goes astray. This causes the repair term to be exceeded. We make a central planning (and design the algorithm behind this) which results in the processing times being shortened.
  • Employees experience a very high workload because there is so much work and they can’t distinguish the tasks with highest priority. We provide supporting software such that all tasks with highest priority will be scheduled first.
  • A big call center needs a planning that makes sure that there are sufficient employees available that speak the right language to be able to help their customers (from all over the world) within the agreed response time. Luckily, we help by making a scheduling tool that deploys the employees more efficiently.

All our planning tools are developed on our low-code development platform* called Anago Assemble. Our developers design the building blocks for our platform, such as connections, web-services, calculation engines, databases, workflow and user interfaces. Besides, they build on our IDE. As a developer you create the foundations for our consultants. They can use your building blocks to model, without having to program.
*A low-code platform enables you to quickly develop applications using a minimum amount of code.

Working at Anago (in the development team) is working:

  • With “Brabantse gezelligheid”. Having lunch together, having drinks together, fun (online) activities and attending knowledge sessions!
  • In a small team. The development team consists of five developers and a varying number of working students (including two international colleagues). Together with a team of ten application consultants you are building the future solutions of Anago.
  • With responsibilities and career opportunities. Because you are working in a small team, your work is varied and you get many responsibilities fast. If it turns out that you like a certain part of your work, then we ensure that you get to work on this topic more often, or even get retrained. Our priority is for you to be challenged and keep learning!
  • Feeling at home. We believe it is important for you to feel good at work. Through an informal connection with your colleagues and direct communication lines to supervisors and management we want to make you feel at home.
  • Strive for improvement. We are ambitious and want to stay one step ahead of our customers. We work with a lot of fun and enthusiasm at our growing business to keep improving our products.

Curious for your opportunities at Anago? Take a look at:

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