GR8-TIMES Rotates 8 - To Its Most Endless State

The upcoming year will be a special year for GEWIS, to know why we go back to the year that GEWIS was founded. In the year 1981 on 18 November a group of people from Sunya, the study association for Mathematics back then (computer science played not a role at this time), came together and brainstormed over a new name. From that brainstorm session, the name GEWIS was found. This group of people became later the first board of GEWIS. 

After this amazing name was founded the next magical moment happened on February 11 in 1982. At 16.30 the first GEWIS drink was arranged and from that moment it became the weekly drink for all GEWIS members. 

At this moment only some paperwork needed to be done and on 28 June of 1982, GEWIS was officially founded. 

If we count to the present, the upcoming academic year will be the year where we will celebrate towards the 40th anniversary of GEWIS. Every 5-year GEWIS will celebrate its birthday, which is called a lustrum year. This means that the upcoming year will be our 8th lustrum year. 

We as GR8-TIMES are the 8th lustrum committee of GEWIS. We are going to make sure that next year will be unforgettable with awesome activities and an amazing clothing line. All updates about the lustrum year can be found at, so make sure to check that out! 

Make sure to stay tuned for all the amazing activities that are coming and let’s make it an awesome year!


GR8-TIMES's activities

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