LUSTRUM Party: Dia de los Muertos

Almost 2 years we had to survive our studies without the relief of the infamous GEWIS parties, but finally this time has come to an end: es tiempo de festejar! We kick off the 8th lustrum of GEWIS with a blast and invite you all to come celebrate el día de los Muertos with us: the day of the dead. While life here on earth and at the TUe will eventually come to an end, the afterlife is INFINITE. According to ancient traditions, the dead would be insulted by living the rest of our lives in grief and sadness over our losses. Therefore, let us honor those no longer with us by enjoying life to the fullest while it lasts! Dress up either colorful, spooky, or both, and be sure to be there at the start of the party to enjoy extra cheap beer. Death is only the beginning!

To buy a ticket for the party, visit the Lustrum site!

Don't forget to pay for your ticket!

Note: It is required to bring a student card to attend the party. This can be a TUE, Fontys, or any other student card you can find. You also need to bring a valid ID and corona QR code.

maandag 18 oktober 2021 om 18:00
maandag 18 oktober 2021 om 23:55
Keizersgracht 17 (Demos)
€1 for first and second year students; €2 otherwise
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