I.V.V Decadent Weekend

Dear members of GEWIS,

After a year of absence I am proud to announce that Hèt Dispuut “In Vino Veritas”, for the seventh time, will organize the Decadent Weekend. From 26 through 28 November we will celebrate that eighteen year ago the gentlemen Beckers, Ceelen, Verheijen and Zwerts came together to found Hèt Dispuut “In Vino Veritas”. The celebration will include a fullt packed weekend with the following program.

On Friday 26 of November we will all travel to a glorious château befitting our stature. After you have arrived we will start this weekend with a great diner and an appropriate amount of wine to accompany you during a cozy evening with all other participants.

On Saturday morning all the attending members, excluding some members of Hèt Dispuut itself, will be asked to leave for a pleasant day activity. While you are being entertained the members of I.V.V will be utilizing their cooking skills to make you a delightful multiple course dinner. This dinner is especially selected by our cooking squad, making sure your tastebuds will experience new heights and will be prepared expertly.

After you have returned to the castle you will get the opportunity to dress up in your best attire for the dinner. During dinner you will enjoy great wine and food while being entertained by the members of Hèt Dispuut during the dinner show!

The subscription list will close on 13 October at 12:00. Note that there are only a limited number of places available for this weekend, so do not hesitate to subscribe. If too many people subscribe to the activity, a draw will be held.

vrijdag 26 november 2021 om 16:00
zondag 28 november 2021 om 16:00
A château somewhere in Europe
€75,- for students (GEWIS members), €120,- for burgers/non GEWIS
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Neem contact op met In Vino Veritas of het bestuur (cib@gewis.nl) als je vragen of opmerkingen hebt of als je na het verstrijken van de afmeldtermijn niet aanwezig kunt zijn. Veel plezier!

Deze inschrijflijst is open van maandag 4 oktober 2021 om 15:00 tot woensdag 13 oktober 2021 om 12:00.

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