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Software Craftmanship
At Sioux Technologies, software is developed with pride, and quality is a must. Developing good and maintainable software can be more challenging than one would assume; it's already challenging to quantify quality of software, let alone the development. In this talk, Jesper Huijgens will describe the art of Software Craftmanship and how a set of principles provides you a solid basis for development.
Jesper Huijgens is a Software Designer and has worked on multiple projects for different customers. During these projects, he was involved from start to end: collecting requirements, architecting, developing, and guiding the project team. As lead of most of these teams, guaranteeing stable and maintainable software of high quality is always high on his priority list.
Note that this lecture will be on-campus, with a maximum capacity of 75 people. After subscribing, showing up is mandatory. Unsubscribing is possible until Monday 11th of October. If you wish to attend this lecture, but are unable to come to attend on-campus, send me an email to see what we can do.

dinsdag 12 oktober 2021 om 12:40
dinsdag 12 oktober 2021 om 13:20
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