GETAART Bake-off

Do you think you are the best baker of GEWIS? Then join the GETAART bake-off! Make the prettiest and tastiest cake, brownie, cupcakes or other baked (or refrigerated) snack. Do you like cakes, but are you a terrible baker? No worries, because you can still join. Everyone will receive several pieces of cake, and you can vote. There will be a prize for the best cake, so sign up for our bake-off on the 31st of May at 15.30 on the Fluxfield! Please send us a receipt for your groceries, so we can compensate you. Also send us a picture, for easier voting on Monday. On Sunday, we will send out an email with the amount of subscribers, so you know in how many pieces to cut the cake. Please cut your cake before the activity, to keep things as corona-proof as possible. You can drop it off at the beginning of the activity, and we will distribute everything for you. p.s. In case of allergies, please let us know below and we will do our best to accommodate you.

maandag 31 mei 2021 om 15:30
maandag 31 mei 2021 om 17:30
1 euro for non-bakers, bakers will be compensated with 5 euros.
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Neem contact op met GEWISsers Eten TAART of het bestuur ( als je vragen of opmerkingen hebt of als je na het verstrijken van de afmeldtermijn niet aanwezig kunt zijn. Veel plezier!

Deze inschrijflijst is open van zondag 30 mei 2021 om 12:00 tot zondag 30 mei 2021 om 12:00.

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