GELIMBO Quiz Special Edition: 1 vs. 111

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    This year, GELIMBO returns with a very special edition of the annual GELIMBO Quiz. Year after year, you had the possibility to prove that you know the smartest people by joining them in a team and competing in the GELIMBO Pubquiz. However, this has always been a team effort, but now you will have the opportunity to show how knowledgeable you actually are. Can you outsmart all the other participants?

    At the beginning of the show a brainteaser will decide who will be The One on the hot seat. In the spotlight, you will have to answer multiple choice questions! However, the other participants also want to be in the spotlight, so they will answer the questions via an online system before you do. As long as you keep answering the questions correctly, you will remain on the hot seat. As soon as you give an incorrect answer, another participant will take your place.

    However, you want to be in the spotlight, because if you can answer the one million dollar question correctly while you are in the spotlight, you will win a prize! As there are multiple one million dollar questions, there are multiple chances for you to win a prize. After a one million dollar question, a new brainteaser will decide who will be on the hot seat for the next round! Of course, getting in the spotlight has some luck involved, so we will also give a prize to the person who answered the most questions correctly!

    So subscribe right now and show that you can beat the other 111 contestants!

    With southern delights, Fraternity GELIMBO

    woensdag 19 mei 2021 19:11
    woensdag 19 mei 2021 23:11
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Please contact GEWIS Ervaart Limburgse Initiatieven Met Bewondering en Ontzag or the board ( with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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