BAC Lustrum Centurion (online)

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    Dear members,

    This year the BAC lustrum will kick off with an online activity, such that all of you can attend! On Monday we will be hosting a one and only Centurion! Unsure what this entails? Be sure to check it here.
    Additionally, we will offer the option to interact with each other via GatherTown, of which you will receive the link later. In GatherTown you can walk around habbo hotel style, and even play additional beer games with each other before and after the Centurion, as if we were at GEWIS. GatherTown will be open from 18:30, but the Centurion will be started at 19:00. You bring the beer, we will bring the atmosphere! Please sign up below such that we can email you the link to GatherTown on Monday.

    Additionally we provide you the option to order food during this activity, and additionally support our favorite after-borrel food place, the Amon! You can order from their menu, and have it delivered to your home, free of delivery costs and additional Thuisbezorgd fees. If you wish to order your classic Kapsalon or Pizza for Monday, you can fill in this form: Food order list
    You can order for yourself, but if you are with multiple people you can also use the form to make a group order. Delivery is possible in Eindhoven only. Note that the food order list closes Saturday 1st of may at 12:00

    We hope to see you join in on Monday!

    maandag 3 mei 2021 18:30
    maandag 3 mei 2021 21:00
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    maandag 3 mei 2021 18:00
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Please contact BAr Commissie or the board ( with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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