I.V.V Digital Decadent Weekend: Online Winetasting

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    Imagine a world after the lockdown. You are once again able to visit the cinemas and restaurants and you’re having a reunion with your friends. You have decided to go to dinner in a high class establishment using the money you have saved during the lockdown. Naturally you decide to order a bottle of wine, but then it hits you. You’re looking at the wine menu and you can’t tell the temperanillo and chenin blanc apart. You don’t even know which one is red or white.

    The above scenario should be prevented at all costs. Fortunately, dispuut “In Vino Veritas” is there to help you out. We offer you the opportunity to keep your knowledge on par, refresh your memory or gain a better understanding of wine by means of an online wine tasting experience. Under the guidance of our more than capable Vinoloog der dispuut “In Vino Veritas” Mgr. Sanders you will be able to taste an x-amount of delicious wines. When the evening ends you’ll know almost everything there is to know about these wines and you’ll have the confidence to order the right wine during your future dinners.

    In order to let this activity be a success in these unsure times we are prepared for two scenarios. The first scenario which is the one we are hoping for, is that you will be allowed to gather in groups of four. In this scenario each group will receive a wine tasting kit consisting of six half bottles of wine.

    In the scenario that we are only allowed to gather in groups of two we will provide a separate white and red wine tasting kit. Both kits will contain three half bottles of wine. You are allowed to order both kits but this also comes at double the cost.

    Regardless of the sizes of the groups we wouldn’t dare serving you wine without also serving a few delicacies to prime your taste buds. The wine tasting kits will have to be picked up at a to be disclosed date and location a few days prior to the activity. The costs for this online wine tasting experience will be €5,- per person. A group of four will have to pay a total of €20,- and a group of two would be a total of €10,-. In order to be able to welcome as many first years as possible we have arranged for a €1,- discount for all first years taking part in this activity.

    In case the explanation above might not have convinced you entirely, there is also the opportunity to win a prize. The group that is best able to absorb the wisdom Mgr. Sanders will share during the activity and thus is best able to answer his questions about the wines, will win this prize. What this prize is will remain a secret for a little while longer but I can assure you, it would be an honor.

    We hope to welcome all of you at our online wine tasting experience especially as this activity will also mark the opening of our Digital Decadent Weekend.

    Note that there is a maximum of 80 participants. Note that if you have subscribed with two people you have to mention your choice of wine (white or red). There is a 50-50 ratio of red and white wines, so first come first serve!

    vrijdag 14 mei 2021 19:00
    vrijdag 14 mei 2021 21:30
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    zondag 2 mei 2021 23:59
    5,- for GEWIS members, 4,- for Freshmen, 7,50 for external
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Please contact In Vino Veritas or the board (cib@gewis.nl) with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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