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    Hi there! Would you like to do some sightseeing, despite the obvious reasons why we can’t do a hitchhiking weekend? GELIFT, which has organised a hitchhiking competition in Europe for the last 6 years, is now organising a GeoGuessr competition. There will be different rounds, with different game modes of approximately 10-15 minutes. There will even be a prize for the best GeoGuessr and everyone gets to use a GeoGuessr pro account! Do you think you can beat others with your geography and guessing skills? Join our activity!

    If you already have a GeoGuessr pro account, please let us know when you subscribe. If you want to use a different email address for your pro account than the one you provided to GEWIS, please also let us know!

    maandag 26 april 2021 19:30
    maandag 26 april 2021 21:30
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    zondag 25 april 2021 23:59
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Please contact GEWIS'sers Liften Ieder Fantastisch Traject or the board ( with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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