Lunchlezing ASML

ASML is an innovation leader in the semiconductor industry. ASML provides chipmakers with everything they need – hardware, software and services – to mass produce patterns on silicon through lithography.

As an old GEWIS member I have attended many lunch lectures. In most lectures the focus lies on the technical aspects and possibilities within companies. Within ASML technical knowledge and development is highly valued. However, there are more departments where you can contribute with your technical background of Mathematics or Computer Science. In this lecture I will tell you more about my journey from studying Mathematics to becoming a Business Analyst at ASML and my daily responsibilities and challenges.

You can read more about ASML here and follow me on LinkedIn here!

  • Annebelle Bunthof

GEWIS members will get the opportunity to receive free lunch, either by picking up a free Hubble lunch box (online participation) or there will be lunch facilitated (on campus participation). Currently we can not guarantee that the lecture will be hosted on campus. There will be a maximum of 30 places available for on campus participation.

donderdag 20 mei 2021 om 12:40
donderdag 20 mei 2021 om 13:20
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Free lunch!
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