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    As the Dutch Railways (NS) we are researching what possibilities there are for Automatic Train Operations (ATO). Our team focusses on researching and experimenting with object detection in a railway environment using camera’s, radar- and lidar-sensors. We use the sensor data in combination with machine learning techniques for object management, like determining the distance of objects to the train and the rail. During this lunch meeting we will explain our current solution and dive a bit deeper into the code and explain which choices we’ve made and which technical/practical challenges we face. The lecture will be hosted by Edgar de Graaf and Tom Abbink
    GEWIS members will get the opportunity to receive free lunch, either by picking up a free Hubble lunch box (online participation) or there will be lunch facilitated (on campus participation). Currently we can not guarantee that the lecture will be hosted on campus. There will be a maximum of 30 places available for on campus participation.

    dinsdag 11 mei 2021 12:40
    dinsdag 11 mei 2021 13:20
    Luna 1.056 / MS Teams
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    maandag 10 mei 2021 23:59
    Gratis lunch!
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