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Aerial ready to have some fun? Then join the AC in an online Rocket League tournament on the 31st of March! Rocket League is free to play now on Epic Games, so everyone is encouraged to subscribe. Are you afraid that the other players are out of your league? Don't worry, because we will distribute you in fair teams of two or three. Consequently, we will need some basic information about you skills and we kindly ask you to try to fill in your approximate rank in the game (e.g. no rank, silver, diamond). If you would really like to play with a specific friend in your team we could be able to arrange something, so please contACt us at in this CAse. Will you be able to score a final goal to flip the match to your side or will you be the one receiving "what a save!"?

Hugs, the AC

woensdag 31 maart 2021 om 20:00
woensdag 31 maart 2021 om 22:00
Online (GEWIScord)
€ 0,00
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Neem contact op met Activiteiten Commissie of het bestuur ( als je vragen of opmerkingen hebt of als je na het verstrijken van de afmeldtermijn niet aanwezig kunt zijn. Veel plezier!

Deze inschrijflijst is open van woensdag 31 maart 2021 om 17:00 tot woensdag 31 maart 2021 om 17:00.

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