Pokémon Drinking Game

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    FYC The Beer Musketeers presents: The Pokémon drinking game.

    On the 19th of march we will be hosting the Pokémon drinking game. In the Pokémon drinking game you will venture onto an epic drinking journey. You will travel across Kanto or Johto to acquire all eight badges from the gym masters. At the end you will prove yourself in a battle with the Elite Four. The first one to beat all of this will become a real Pokémon MASTER.

    The Pokémon drinking game is in its essence the game of the goose (Ganzenbord) except at every tile there is a task which is based on either a Pokémon or another trainer. In addition of having normal tiles you also have the gyms. These tiles cannot be skipped, and each have a bigger task which requires you to drink more or maybe your friends are the ones who have to do the drinking!

    If you are not interested yet there will also be a prize for each winner of the matches. You can sign up and indicate if you want to be matched with up to 3 friends by choosing the same team name.

    You can indicate what game mode you want to play, normal, where you will be playing with a small group of around 4 people. Or you can choose for hard mode, where you will be playing with a group of around 8 people.

    The event will take place Friday 19 march and will be hosted on the GEWIScord, but make sure you sign up before the 18th so we can assign you to groups.

    vrijdag 19 maart 2021 19:30
    vrijdag 19 maart 2021 21:00
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    woensdag 17 maart 2021 23:59
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Please contact First Year Committee 2021, Committee 2 or the board (cib@gewis.nl) with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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