GELIMBAKING (Vegan) Worstenbroodjes

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During a week (or a long weekend) of celebrating carnival having a snack once in a while is almost obligatory. You can of course enjoy a ‘kapsalon’ or a ‘broodje bal’, but one of the most (in)famous snacks is a ‘worstenbroodje’ (not to be confused with a ‘frikandelbroodje’). Literally translated to ‘sausage bread’, it’s exactly what you expect and now you have the change to make these yourselves!

On Saturday the 13th of February, GELIMBO hosts an online baking workshop with expert cooks to guide you through the process. All you have to do are the groceries, for which we will provide a shopping list. There will also be a vega(n) alternative available. The activity starts at 14:11, so you’ll have plenty of time to recover from an optional hangover. We hope to see all of you on the 13th!

The workshop will be held in the GEWIScord.

Ingredient list for 8 worstenbroodjes with meat
Ingredient list for 12 vegan worstenbroodjes
If you are on a vegetarian diet, you can also decide to make the dough from the first recipe (contains milk) and make the filling with the ingredients from the second recipe. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via


zaterdag 13 februari 2021 om 14:11
zaterdag 13 februari 2021 om 16:41
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Deze inschrijflijst is open van zaterdag 13 februari 2021 om 12:00 tot zaterdag 13 februari 2021 om 12:00.

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