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    What do waste, math and beer have in common? You can find the answer to this question in the most fun lunch lecture from 2021. We will explain to you how we used math to make the world a cleaner place. Although the lecture will be online, it will contain an interactive element. So please, don’t forget to put on your pants.

    GEWIS alumni Kevin ten Braak and Ruben Kwant both started their careers at Sioux Technologies, where they put their mathematical knowledge into practice via solving challenging technical problems at the Mathware Competence Centre. Curious for more? Then register yourself for the GEWIS lunch lecture on February 2nd 2021.

    The lecture will be hosted on Microsoft Teams. The link to the meeting will be published and sent out to the participants the morning before the lecture.

    dinsdag 2 februari 2021 12:40
    dinsdag 2 februari 2021 13:20
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Please contact Corporate Communication and Contact Committee or the board ( with any questions, concerns or if you are unable to attend after the deadline for unsubscribing has passed. Have fun!

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