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Project TITAN - An In-Memory High Performance Calculation Engine

Anago is a Dutch software company founded in 1999 and is specialised in smart planning solutions. We have developed our own no-code development environment for modelling planning applications. We work for large organisations such as AirFrance KLM, Heineken, UWV, IND and the Ministry of Social Affairs. Examples of planning systems are the long-term planning of a customer contact centre, the scheduling of engine services at KLM and the planning of the asylum seekers chain.

Anago Planning applications are modelled using high level building blocks such as data cubes, calculation engines, integrations and views. The result of the application model is a fully working cloud solution.

Typically, the planning calculations involve mathematics such as aggregation and allocation, statistical forecasting, various optimisation algorithms and a free model language.

Currently, Anago is relying on a multi-dimensional database system that is becoming a bottleneck. We want to replace this technology by developing a new In-Memory High Performance Calculation Engine.

The new calculation should support the following:

  • Automatic Parallel (multithreaded) calculations
  • Sparse data handling
  • Efficient Matrix calculations
  • Lazy (on the fly) calculations
  • Language parsing and compiling

We are researching the best ways of handling these challenges. During the lunch lecture we want to introduce you to our world of developing a modelling environment such as Anago and the concepts behind our In-Memory calculation engine. You will learn how a low-code or no-code platform is set up and can be used to create state-of-the-art cloud solutions.

The lecture will be given by Fraser Wilson, Software Architect at Anago and Thomas de Nooij, Founder of Anago.

Note that we can not guarantee at this moment that we can host this lecture on campus. For the on campus lecture that are only 30 spots available, for which a draw will be held. If you would like to attend on campus, please subscribe Thursday before the lecture takes place.

donderdag 25 maart 2021 om 12:40
donderdag 25 maart 2021 om 13:20
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