GEWIS Arcade - Minecraft

Now that we are all sitting at home during the Christmas break, boredom is always around the corner. Luckily, the GEWIS Arcade is still running in all its glory! Therefore, the board announces the next GEWIS Arcade game for the entirety of the Christmas break: Minecraft!

We assume everyone already knows the game. If you don't, you have been living under a rock. But we are not the worst, so let us quickly explain the game. Minecraft is a sandbox video game in which your imagination is the limit. Explore the world, build the most amazing things and interact with all the other players on the server! With more than 200,000,000 copies sold, it is the best-selling video game of all time.

We are running a "normal" survival server on the Hard difficulty. This means that the game is easily accessible for everyone (e.g. no mods) and everyone has the freedom to play the game in their own way! We also installed some datapacks to create that little bit of extra fun. We won't spoil what it is, so you will have to find out yourself.

To play on the GEWIS Arcade Minecraft server, you need to have bought the game (aka cracked versions will not work, shame on you!). To join the server, simply add to your server list and join the server! To join the server however, you have to be whitelisted. You can whitelist yourself by going to

If you have any questions or suggestions about this game or for the upcoming weeks, feel free to contact Koen, Wouter or Roy from the board. We hope to see you all there!

vrijdag 18 december 2020 om 13:00
zondag 3 januari 2021 om 23:59
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Neem contact op met the organizing party of het bestuur ( als je vragen of opmerkingen hebt of als je na het verstrijken van de afmeldtermijn niet aanwezig kunt zijn. Veel plezier!