Celebrate Purple Friday with Défi


Dear members,

Every year on the second Friday of December the whole world turns purple. Do you know why? It's Spirit day, also known as purple Friday. This day is annual LGBTQ+ awareness day. To this day people from the LQBTQ+ community still have to deal with bullying and violence and suicide is way more common in this community.
To let everyone know that this is not okay and that we support the LGBTQ+ community we celebrate purple Friday.

This year on the 11th of December, Défi will make sure the GEWIS room is decorated accordingly. If you are at the TU/e already, you may want to drop by GEWIS during the break and get a little snack. We are handing out a little snack to every member wearing purple (if the room capacity allows it!).

Furthermore we will have a small online competition, in which we ask everyone to share their Purple Friday celebration with Défi. We will post about this on our Instagram and we will announce the winners there as well. You can send a picture of your Purple Friday celebration to defi@gewis.nl or tag @dispuutdefi on Instagram.

Please join Défi in dressing purple to show your support for the LGTBQ+ community!

We wish you a very purple Friday!




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